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Kitty's House

"I am honored to have you use my house in your Kitty’s house section.  Your stencils are a joy and delight every day."



One of the most interesting projects I have ever had was designing the stencil murals for Kitty's Victorian house in Waldoboro, Maine. The wall mural of a wrought iron fence runs around the downstairs hall, up the stairs and around the upstairs hall to the Willow Tree wall mural. Tree, bush, and flower stencils are Everywhere, turning both halls into a garden.



Archway stencil mural
  The Archway stencil mural

Under the stairs stencil mural

This is only one of many houses I and my associates have decorated with wall stencils and wall mural stencils. I have created stencil designs for many of the leading interior designers in my area. We have received high praise for the stenciled rooms we have been invited to design and execute in many Interior Decorator Show Houses

Under the stairs stencil mural 

I am showing several pictures of the same house to let you see how you can decorate a large area with wall mural stencils and still keep it open and airy. All of these stencil designs and more will eventually be in this catalog. If you are interested in purchasing any of these stencils now, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

Up the Stairs stencil mural
  Up the Stairs stencil mural

Willow Tree stencil mural  

The wall and mural stencils in this catalog were original designs for custom stencils. They show the variety of styles I design stencils in. I will be happy to design a mural or stencil for you that will enhance the beauty of your home. Contact Us and I will work with you to create stencil designs that will delight you.

Willow Tree stencil mural 

The stencil designs and murals in this catalog were originally requested as custom stencil designs. They show the variety of styles I can design a wall stencil in. I will be delighted to make you a wall mural or stencil to enhance the beauty of your home. Contact Us and I will work with you to match the stencil design to the style of your house

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