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I am Mikki, the designer for Alishia's Stencils. I would like to tell you something about the origin of my stencil designs.

I have been designing stencils and wall murals since 1985, when the art of stenciling became a part of interior design. I tried it, liked it, and decided to use my skills as a designer to make designer stencils patterns in my own style. I developed a new stenciling technique. My wall stencils and stenciling became favorites with interior decorators in my area. I was asked to decorate rooms with my wall mural stencils in Interior Decorator Show houses. My new stenciling technique and stencil designs received critical acclaim by interior decorators.


The interest in my designs has led me to decide to sell laser cut copies of my designs. I believe there is a place for new, unique and out-of-the-ordinary stencil designs. My designs can be painted in the usual stenciling method or by using my technique, which is described on the Stenciling Technique page. It is easy for the beginner to use and offers a wide variety of options for the expert.

My stencil designs and murals are inspired by the romantic and imaginative decorative treatments used in English country homes. I always try to form a union of the design with the character of the house and it's setting when I am designing for a custom stencil customer. My inspiration comes from many sources. A seascape becomes a magnificent mural. A paisley print becomes a scarf draped across a wall. A single paisley stencil, repeated, becomes a stunning mural. Designs from wallpaper, fabric, modern paintings, Victoriana, Art Deco, pottery, anywhere a design is found are a start for a new stencil.

I will be adding new designs as fast as I can. Please keep coming back to see my new designs.


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